Retiro “Mindfulness: un hábito para ser feliz”

Te invito al retiro de medio día “Mindfulness: un hábito para ser feliz”, el cual voy a cofacilitar con Delia Román y Rosamaria Segura a través de Insight LA el sábado 8 de mayo. Bienvenid@s l@s practicantes principiantes y experimentad@s. ¡Regálale a mamá un espacio de relajación y alegría! Puedes registrarte pulsando AQUÍ.



  1. Hi Yaisha!
    Beautiful all! I speak Spanish but i like to communicate mysefl in English…it’s good practice…just getting to know about you…if there are some free activities..I would be grateful…hard at this time thinking of dollars in Argentina…the exchange rate is high…I am looking.forward.of listening from you…Fascinated with all the things you are offering…Thanks a lot…Martu

    1. Hello Martu! Welcome! Thank you so much for reaching out and expressing your interest, which I value very much. Some other offerings are coming soon. Please follow my blog so you can be informed, or if you wish to belong to my email list, please send me an email at I look forward to practicing with you! Sending lovingkindness, Yaisha

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