I Surrender My Secrets to You

I received the following Rumi poem from a friend –Kansas City poet Bob Savino. It turned out to be the best “Christmas poem” he picked for his friends, and became an inspiration for mine.

“Bury your secret

            in the chamber of your heart

Your unknown desire will


            Drop the seeds to the

bowels of the earth,

            And the garden

            will spring beyond belief.” -Rumi


Here are my secrets, for the bowels of the earth and of your eyes, drafted on a check envelope, one Christmas in Puerto Rico:

I surrender my secrets to You

Copyright ©2013 All rights reserved.

Can I spare my secret? No.

I love Her.


Deep within the core of my atoms,

where subatomic particles

start to become nothing,

a subtle cloud of breath …


Where the dream of that breath

hesitates to become … some sort of reality …



All Her lights approach me

like fairies

they salute,



and … float …

A winged spiritual family,

and among them,

hughest than the stars

and the sky

that dreams about them–


My Beloved.


There I vanish and She comes to light.

A dance of Death and Life.


Source of Mine,

wrap me around Your magic,

let Us dance in the Secret

of your whispering, commanding —




You insisted. And I said yes.

90 days times 12

and you came back.


“You’ve healed,” you confessed,

and I believed you.


And it was true!


Then I became Yours for the Glory

of the Love

I cannot see in the flesh

but burns in my Soul.


That is my Secret.

Dear Lover of the Allness

My surrender, my Nothing

is the pedestal in which You

stand tall.


And I embrace You,

And I say Yes

to disappearing

one heart-beat-at-a-time

As I approach

my last dwelling with You.


Still going up the hill of my time here,

but the clock has always ticked backwards.


And wait!


Wait ‘till my breath

reaches the end,

don’t leave today!


Because I expect,

because I KNOW

You will be waiting

where the sunset becomes


I’ll finally be able

to say

“I love You,” to the sight

of Your last breath in me.


I’m Yours, Cosmic Beloved.


Not because You made me, I believe;

or because I become You

and Your Nothingness

every time I exhale.


I love You

Just because I can.


There is no because

beyond my knowing of You.


Chased me through life

You have.

And I finally said no more races.


I am Yours in this End/Beginning

that humans call




And this poem is


Without the mystery of


in the breath,

that becomes atoms,

that becomes Me.


That is my Secret.


Or should I say,


–in that no-place–

lies my Secret.


There are no words

and It is beyond them.


I can only live in awe

At what I can’t



Because I decided to




So now I only



I hope.





Copyright ©2013 All rights reserved.



  1. Dear Samadhi–

    I’m thrilled–honored–awed, at your brave, inspiring mystical poem, which blossomed from my little seed of a Rumi quote. It strikes me as signalling a profound turning in your soul’s journey. A beautifully realized evocation of transcending love…

    Blessings, Bob

    1. Thank you, Bob. I’m honored that you read the poem and liked it. And yes, I’ve understood my lessons have been about divine love. Thank you for being part of my journey.

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