The Pink Has Faded

by Samadhi Yaisha

Copyright ©2013 All rights reserved.

Photo by Samadhi Yaisha. Stained glass in front of a chinese restaurant. Philadelphia Airport, on the way to San Juan, October 2013.

The Pink is fading from my hair.

Like everything else, it dissolves.

The Pink is fading and this poem wanted to come out before,

But I no longer remember what it wanted to be.

The Pink is fading and, everywhere I go,

reality breaks down into nothingness.

The Pink is fading and I am looking for Home again.

The Pink is fading and I can’t control a flight delayed:

hungry, thirsty, sleepy, halfless…

When I finally realize:

There is no pink out there.

There never was.

It was just a fleeting ray of light

blending with the sunset.

The pink is fading and I don’t

want to share anymore

how I feel.


The pink is fading and I don’t care for sweet tea,

nor the yellow taste of chamomile

burning my throat.

I’m not hungry for fake pink cupcakes anymore.

Reality is pink in the fading.

It is the hunger for a fulfilment

that never comes in the color of things.

It is the urge to see the Truth –everything fades.

It doesn’t have to be sad, it can be beautiful.

Then let me die to who I was –the trigger has been pulled.


The Shadow-Lover rescued me, yet again.


I’ll let Her go –the mystic Pink in me– I’ll let Her fade, dissolve in Thee.

Oh, Shadow-Lover, to You and only You I yield.

There’s Black, comforting Shadow of mine, I Thee embrace.

And You birth violet flowers in the graveyard.

This Purple that I am seeing,

Is this a River of fast pacing waves of Being?

The pain came and went,

but You stayed, Beloved.

The Pink has faded, then

Welcome back, Black.

Welcome back, Shadow-Lover.

October, 2013 (Philadelphia, on the way to San Juan)

Copyright ©2013 All rights reserved.


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