Who is going to rescue me?

Por Samadhi Yaisha/My daily musing

Twelve years ago I visited a naturopath and a chiropractor for the first time in an attempt to manage my anxiety and attain well-being. After watching my mother and grandmother die of cancer, I knew preventive care was important, and I was very unhappy eating fast food. Even though, it was very difficult to let it go. My first attempt at the naturopath didn’t work. I lacked discipline, and I didn’t know anyone around that could be an example to follow. In my quest for a better lifestyle, I explored yoga, meditation, the gym and other practices. I thought that if something worked or not, depended absolutely on the knowledge of the facilitator. I visited the naturopath expecting to be rescued from my bad habits. I went to the chiropractor waiting for him to discipline my bad posture. I hoped the conventional doctor gave me a cure. I put my health care in the hands of others; and I did that for years. I depended so much on their opinions that even if I was doing something that worked and one of them criticized it, I would abandon the process. Thus I kept fueling money to those available to take responsibility for my healing. Some places dedicated to emotional and holistic health need this type of behavior to survive financially. I used to take their recommendations as law and I made them responsible for my well-being; a behavior I now consider dangerous. I even had the experience of someone pointing a finger at me, telling me I was not doing enough and that it was my “karma.” I don’t have to depend on others anymore or tolerate that behavior. I started to have better health when I assumed complete responsibility of it in all aspects: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. Who is going to rescue me? Myself. I pull myself out of the hole. I am capable of finding adequate support. I take care of my physical health through exercise and a balanced nutrition; my emotional health through support groups; my psychological health through therapy, and my spiritual path through meditation. I am capable of being in charge of my life with the help of a health facilitator, but without making that person responsible for me. If I practice yoga, I read about the subject. If I decide to be vegan, I learn about which food and supplements I need for a healthy balance. I can explore and see what helps me. The road to my recovery and my well-being can only be walked by myself. No one else can do this for me. I don’t take everything I hear as law. I don’t expect someone else to give me the miracle pill that is going to get me out of the hole created by my erroneous habits. Taking care of myself is my responsibility. If something doesn’t work, I keep investigating… But I never stop! I am my own lifesaver.


  1. You have been busy here Samadhi! So many posts – I look forward to the translations! I’m sorry it has been so long since my last visit, but I’m now easing myself back into the world of WordPress…

    I like your daily musings, keep it up! 🙂

    1. I had been missing your comments! But I understand the need for vacations away from wordpress 🙂

      I am so glad you’ve been around asking for the translations. I do have to move my but to do that, now that I have updated the Spanish chronicles. All the ones you see under “90 dias Espanol” have been published in the paper in Puerto Rico since October 2010.

      Now I have work to do in English! Thanks for following these adventures! 🙂

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