Sweet Moon Potatoes

By Samadhi Yaisha / Poetry ❦ Recipes

300px-Harvest_moonAnd I opened my doors to freedom.

Abstinence was sweet potato slices flying

towards the full moon in my backyard.

And the red full moon smiled

and poured down giggles and star dust.

And I put all that in the oven of my soul,

where God makes alchemy,

turns hate into love.

I learned to love moon bites at dusk–

Delicious moon bites of freedom.

Moons over potatoes. By Samadhi Yaisha © 2014.
Moons over potatoes. By Samadhi Yaisha © 2014.

Ingredients: ½ of a sweet potato, ½ cup of cottage cheese,

spices: cinnamon, black pepper, sea salt, giggles.

Cut the sweet potato in circles and put in the conventional oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Top with cottage cheese and spices. You can also steam the sweet potato and then top it. For a vegan recipe, use vegan cheese or nut cheese.

(This makes 1 protein and 1 starch. Olive oil optional – 1 fat per 1 tsp. Walnuts optional – 1 fat per 1 Tbls.)

Photo of the moon by wikipedia.org.

Poem and recipe by Samadhi Yaisha. Copyright © 2014. All rights reserved.

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