The scariest Halloween

By Samadhi Yaisha/My unDaily Musings

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“This has been totally extraordinary. I can’t even begin to understand the devastating effects. At some point I couldn’t listen to the news anymore.”

A newyorker.

Everything had changed. The subway flooded. Buildings on fire. Trees falling on top of houses and children killed. The ocean coming up the block. The worst nightmare multiplied by a hundred.

The scariest Halloween.

How do you comfort that?

I don’t have an answer. Just listen to their pain. Let them know we are here willing to connect and feel with them, grief with them, share tears and phone calls.

Share stories of hope, like when Japan in 2011, with the earthquake and the nuclear disaster. I remember them trying to get to a normal routine within days: going out, reaching to others, walking the dog, exercising. Recovering one step at a time.

Photo by a kind Facebook user. Title: “Two rainbows after the storm.”

I heard a story about a person who was in Florida during hurricane Andrew. Lost a job, a home, a car; had to move and start over. Years later, Life is nothing like imagined; much better: a resurrection.

But in the midst of the emergency, grieving is ok. Is necessary. Is the normal thing to do. I need goodbyes. They are healthy.

How do you get there, to recovery?

One single, tiny, slow, conscious step…at…a…time.

Resurrection always follows an ending. Always. It is not the end unless there’s recovery. Even if I can’t see it.

I have hope in the next step. I’ll do what I can do today.

On Facebook: “90 Days: A Journey To Heal”

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