Flowering Wound

by Samadhi Yaisha / before and during workshop Painting for Process in Creative Nectar Studio, Mission, KS, where I painted “Flowering wound” http://www.creativenectar.blogspot.com/


“Flowering wound” Painted on 6/16/12 in Creative Nectar Studio, Mission, KS

(Yesterday, before painting)

-I am grateful

-I’ve been blind

-I am light?

-I’ve been angry

-Now I’m kind

-I’ve been pain

-Now I’m calm

-I’ve been ocean

-Now I am, I am

Diving, diving

In myself, I’m about

To jump down the healed wound

Pus and blood before

Then a dry canyon

Now it’s moist again

I can see flowers blossoming

No more pain

Just open, open freedom

And humidity

I am.

(While sleeping)

For to have known the brightness of Samadhi

I had to learn the dark.


And make it mine.

Oh, sweet shadow-lover

You now bring me into the Light.

(During workshop, while painting)

I left my spiritual home behind.

-Why can’t they come with me?

I asked.

-Because when you die you’re born again naked

Naked on the other side

You are nobody

You have no body

-So the wound is the way back

I asked.

It’s my portal between two worlds

It’s alive

It’s Life itself pouring into me from That

That that I Am.

It pulsates and feeds my heart

It’s the wound

Is not a wound

It is Life

It’s a flower

There’s a flower in my heart.

Is Samadhi.

Is the flower of my Life.

It hurts because I feel it

But it’s not pain in itself

I pain when I resist it

All these years

Resisting Life’s great-fulness

The One wants to flow as me

Now I allow

Flow through me, flow

I’ll celebrate!

And I’ll celebrate even more

When I go back to you

My Source,

with no body, being nobody

I Am again

When I am again Home.


@2012 All rights reserved.


  1. I have no comment at this moment,I just getting familiar with your page. Thank you.

  2. Yaisha (original) tu rebeldia con el Cronometro (la cual comparto) te hace convertir las semanas en anos. Estas deliciosas jornadas y veredas que caminas te hacen brotar realidades que los seres humanos guardan y no le permiten dejar rastro….

    1. Agradezco tu lectura y tu comentario, sí tengo rebeldía con el cronómetro, aprendí a bloguear luego de que mi jornada empezara y pensé que no era tarde para publicar, espero que pronto esté al día con lo que se va publicando al momento. ¡Gracias!

  3. “The One wants to flow as me”

    That’s it! Even in the midst of pain and suffering, the Divine wants to experience it all, in its “great-fulness.” We find healing, freedom, and the joy of union when we stop resisting that flow.

    Lovely poem 🙂

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