Fragile beauty, impressive force

By Samadhi Yaisha / Spiritual Poetry

Photo by Samadhi Yaisha

silent grace of cold

serene freeze of stillness,

a soft fly of fairy glows

baptized the scenery


the sun floats over a flat

cascade of shinning allness

the soaring power

of silent particles

painted the landscape

slight and dangerous

frail flow

enough to still a city on its toes

dancing atoms of whirling cold

winter’s graceful whispering gust

powerful enough

to freeze a nation

to stop a battle

and end the war


within me:


vulnerable valor

and fragile fortitude–

when scattered flurry

a seemingly weak beauty,

once settled down,

determined courage

an avalanche

a frozen life force


a perseverance

willing to melt

and disappear

surrendering in whispers to the sun


for the sake of freedom

February 9th, 2014 / ©2014 All rights reserved.

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