Holy Grail

“Embrace Me in Your death / That is how I Live. Always.”

by Samadhi Yaisha

©2012 All rights reserved

A womb or a Holy Grail?

The seat of my creativity,

the Womb of myself.

I’ve spent days giving birth to me,

I know I’m born from There.

How far I’ve traveled to seek

-drunken with anxiety-

what I knew was already in me.

The music of the muse,

who is not a muse,

It is She, a Major Goddess.

I got lost to find myself.

I keep giving birth to a further Light.

Some say the Universe is in charge.

All I know is that She speaks from my depths,

from beyond,

instead of chattering in my head.

And She is so eager to Live, Be, Exist.



Learn to Live out of thin air, She says.

Dares me to Live.

I have gone through a spiritual surgery.

My insides are open for Her.

I feel pregnant from that Absolute Being

She pushes me to the Infinite

of Her Cosmic Womb.

She gives birth to Me as I

give birth to Her in me.

I open my mouth and breath as if dying,

as I died in India.

-Because You Are, I am- I tell Her.

Because I am, we can fall in love

in this eternal dance to seek each other.

Come and find me.

I’m tired of running.

No more, no more fleeing.

No to the compulsive battle

that stops you from blossoming Here.

Now I live solely on your Breath, borrowed.

With each breath I depend on that thread that Are

You in me.

I die and I AM.

I Exist in Your womb.

I Sing, Dance, Paint, Write

because You Are

I Die in You, and I Live.

Embrace Me in this death.

That’s how I Live in You.


June 30th, 2012.

©2012 All rights reserved


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