“Food for thought”

“We did not achieve abstinence by ourselves. Our recovery is a gift, just as life is a gift. Light, the natural world, our nourishment, talents, love, and fellowship – all come from our Higher Power. Our role is to receive, use wisely, share, and enjoy the blessings God has showered upon us.

When we get over the idea that we can do everything by ourselves, we become receptive to the moving force that creates and sustains us. As we stop looking at life from our own egotistical point of view, we begin to see God’s glory. No longer a slave to our desires for material things, we are able to rejoice in our Higher Power and to share our joy with those around us.

Our recovery makes us examples of God’s power to heal and renew.

In You, there is great joy.” From Today’s Gift, Hazelden Press

Portada de “Food for thought”, autora Elizabeth L. Copyright ©1980 Hazelden


  1. What a precious gift! And what a shining example of God’s grace and glory you are, Samadhi 🙂

      1. It’s a great quote – but it is your recovery and your transformation that I am referring to. That’s the gift and the glory 🙂

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