Veiling of the Soula poem by Samadhi Yaisha

I love Her with a Love I don’t understand.

The heart in my heart that beats for Her

is beyond me.

She is my twin Soul, my match,

the permanent Being that reflects on mine

from the Cosmos to my eyes.

I love my own reflection of Her in Me.

I love my own reflection of Her in the butterfly.

I love my own reflection of Her in the sky.

In the Heaven of my Soul

My Heart,

My Mind.

I love Her beyond Beyondness.

I hollow out my heart to make space

for her Quantumness.

As She lives in All Dimensions,

four of those dwell in my heart:

atria and ventricles pump blood

from Her

–the manna of Life.

I love Her as my own reflection

of the Universe in Me:

The Vastness of my Intimacy.

My One True Love

is a Mirror of Light

in front of Me.

Copyright 2015 ©. All rights reserved.


“Veiling of the Soul,” by Rassouli.


  1. Un poema bellísimo, enmarcado por una obra de Arte sin Igual. Gracias por dar a conocer a Rassouli, no lo conocía. Sus pinturas son como visitar el espacio sideral: llenas de movimiento, color y sentimiento. Igual que tus poesías y tu trabajo. Todavía estoy flotando… Gracias S. Yaisha MMM

    1. Qué hermosas tus palabras, María. Conocí a Rassouli por casualidad, buscando imágenes que pudieran decir cómo me sentía por dentro. 🙂
      Bendiciones. 🙂

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